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Share – Helles Lager - 5.2%ABV
- A classic Munich style helles lager. Light, bready, slightly bitter, and floral.

Cryo Sheep – New England Pale Ale - 5% ABV
- Utilizing Simcoe, Mosaic, and a special blend of cryo hops called Cryo Pop, this juicy pale ale’s profile skews heavily into mango, grapefruit, and pineapple.

deco – New England India Pale Ale - 7% ABV
- Brewed with a blend of new and experimental hops for a burst of Mandarin and Pineapple flavor on a fluffy bed of Barley, Wheats, and Oats.

mando – New England double India Pale Ale - 8.2% ABV
- A fairly classic NEDIPA featuring a not-so-classic hop. German Mandarina Bavaria brings a super juicy palate of lemon and sweetfruit. 

bossa – New England double India Pale Ale - 9% ABV

Super big. Super juicy. Loaded with Simcoe, Mosaic, and New Zealand Wakatu for aromas of fresh squeezed orange juice, candied lime, and resin. Also in 16oz can 4-packs!

Solve for C – American India Pale Ale- 6.5% ABV

- A classic American IPA with refreshing bitterness and those omnipresent “C Hop” aromatics of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Pine, plus a hint of Tropical Sweetfruits. 

Conflict Management – Vanilla Chai Blonde Ale- 5.5% ABV
- Brewed in collaboration with our friend and uber talented brewer, Brittany Jackson, this blonde ale combines Barley, Oats, Vanilla, and Chai Spices for a super refreshing sipper with the aromatic tingle of a chai latte. 

Soma Shock – Sour Ale with Pineapple, Tangerine, Strawberry, and Banana - 4.5% ABV
- An American sour ale featuring a smoothie inspired blend of fruits in a refreshingly tart package. Reminiscent of throwing back the whole bag of sweet tarts. 

It Takes Two – Belgian Dubbel- 8% ABV
- Brewed with our friends from Hip Hop Heads, this Belgian dubbel features flavors of Raisins, Banana, and Clove. 

Hands on Hips – Imperial Nitro Milk Stout- 7.5% ABV
- A sweet, lightly bitter, decadent milk stout. Dark chocolate malt shake distilled into a creamy nitro package. *12oz / $6 - 7.5% ABV   **Contains Lactose**

My Echo – Imperial Stout- 11% ABV
- A Blend of 5 specialty roast malts combined with Oats and Barley to create a dark chocolate bar melted into a glass. *12oz /$7 - 6oz /$4 - 4oz /$2.5 - 11% ABV

house seltzer – pear - 5% ABV
- Our house-made non-alcoholic seltzer with a shot of Tito's. *16oz / $7 - 5% ABV  **Gluten Free**

Monk's Mead – stigmata - (GA)- 11.9% ABV
- Traditional mead made from Wildflower honey by our friends down the street at Monk's Meadery, Georgia's first meadery. Dry, crisp, honey flavor. *$6 / 6oz, $12 / 12oz  **Gluten Free**

- A blend of cider and dessert apples for complex flavors, a bright and lively mouthfeel, and a soft mineral finish with focused acidity. **Gluten Free**



16oz / $7 - 8oz / $4 - 4oz / $2.5 - Crowler/$12

*See descriptions for exceptions


- Casteller Cava Brut, 2021 - Spain

- Sauvignon Blanc, Les Grenettes, 2021 - France 
- Pinot Grigio, Angelini - Italy
- Chardonnay, House of Brown  - California
- Pinot Blanc, Grape Abduction  - Slovenia

- Bardolino Le Morette Rose, 2021 - Italy 

- Inkarri Malbec, 2020 - Argentina
- Pas de Probleme Pinot Noir, 2020 - France
- Chilled Red Blend, Gulp/Hablo, 2021 - Spain


Glass / $12 - Bottle / $46


Rosemary’s Baby
Garner Creek gin, rosemary simple, grapefruit juice, lemon juice - $13



Tito's, Khalua, espresso, angel tears, bitters - $15
the paris wife
Plantation 3 Stars White Rum, peach syrup, Triple Sec, lime juice - $12
fairy Elixr
Empress 1908 pea flower gin, lavender simple, lemon - $13

ms. bradshaw
Tito's, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, cherry syrup, lime twist and cherry garnish (our take on a Cosmo) - $15

cougar juice

Lunazul Blanco, Triple Sec, lime juice (It's a skinny marg) - $13


house Margarita

Made with El Jimador (reposado) - $13

Passiflora Margarita

House made passion fruit syrup, Lunazul Tequila, seasoned rim - $14



Tito’s, Lime and Ginger Beer - $12.75

Conniption Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth - $13.50

Rittenhouse Rye, sweet vermouth, cherry - $14
rare Old Fashioned
Eagle Rare 10 year, demerara simple, bitters, orange zest - $15


brewpub/kitchen Hours:

Monday - 11:30-4pm

Tuesday-Thursday - 11:30am-10pm

Friday-Saturday - 11:30am-11pm

Sunday - 11:30am-8pm

we are cashless

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